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Welcome a Talent Digital

We are highly networked amongst the best Marketing, Big Data, Cloud, Digital, Innovation, Ecommerce and Tech Development communities and we make introductions that improve business performance and careers.

We bring a realistic knowledge of the Digital industry, meaning we have the experience required to go to market on your behalf and represent you in the best possible way, whether you are talented person looking for an opportunity, or you are a company looking for a talented person
What makes us unique is that we take care of both clients and candidates in the same way. From a client perspective, our service mirrors that of an executive search firm, from a candidate’s perspective we act as career coaches.
Our success is mostly attributed to the emphasis we place on working with PASSIONATE people. We believe that if you work in what you LOVE, you can achieve OUTSTANDING results.

Access the best talent in the world

Have you ever dreamt of having access to a small group of extremely talented people who all have one thing in common. They are the best at what they do?

Stop dreaming!

In Talent Digital, we only work with people who we know are hungry to progress and are passionate about technology, or organisations who want to nurture such talent.

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Let us help you find your dream job!

Are you extraordinary? Do you think you are special?

Then we want to hear from you!

We work with some of the best organisations across the world, the ones that believe in talent and reward you as much as you deserve, we know how important new technologies are for you and therefore we put your needs before anything else.

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We are fast because we have a very broad portfolio of candidates and we use cutting-edge technology to attract the best talent in the market.
Tailored Service

Tailored Service

We understand your needs because we dive into the corporate climate of your organisation and we find the ideal candidate, the one that matches your core values and vision.
Think of the Future

Think of the Future

We not only help you attract the best talent to your company, we also help you retain it.

Web Developers

Our Web Development team works with extremely talented people around Front-End, Back-End, and FullStack technologies.

Mobile Developers

Our Mobile Development team works closely with iOS, Android and Windows Phone specialists


Our UX/UI team covers a wide range of roles for Developers, Designers, Analysts Architects and Researchers.


Our Innovation team work very closely with Artists, Evangelists, Innovation Judges and Magic Makers


Our Creative team focuses in attracting the best Art Directors, 2D & 3D Artists, Animators, Illustrators and Photographers.

Digital Marketing

Our Marketing team works on several roles for SEO specialists, Account Managers, Social Media specialists, Marketing Analysts and Publishers.

We would like to hear from you

If you are a Company looking for the best talent, or a talented person who wants to access the best professional opportunities.

Get in touch today!

Talent Digital Expert S.L ha contado con el apoyo del Gobierno de Canarias y con la cofinanciación del fondo europeo FEDER (85%), para el desarrollo de la plataforma tecnológica con la que pretendemos convertirnos en el lugar por excelencia para encontrar Talento Digital y Tecnológico a nivel regional, nacional e internacional. 
Objetivos generales del proyecto
OBJETIVOS que alcanzaremos con la realización de este proyecto:

  • Desarrollar una plataforma tecnológica para prestar nuestros servicios de reclutamiento de talento digital altamente innovadora.
  • Convertirnos en la plataforma por excelencia del talento tecnológico a nivel regional, nacional e internacional en la que el candidato será el centro de la estrategia, y destinada de forma exclusiva a perfiles tecnológicos y/o digitales.
  • Aumentar la cuota de mercado en los mercados internacionales